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    Barbecue lovers worldwide take their slow & low as seriously as the famous Pitmasters we all know & love, from backyards to church gatherings to weekend tailgate parties to cookouts on sandy beaches. We all love to barbecue, and what goes excellent with barbecue? It's a great sauce that y'all will enjoy for generations to come. It's no secret that when cranking up some heat & smoke. There's nothing short of barbecue bragging rights among family and friends. Great family, great friends, great conversation, great barbecue these are the moments in time we all cherish! And TUBBE'S BAR-B-Q SAUCE is right there with you all in every bottle.
    'Pour Some On!'


    The foundation of our barbecue sauce finds its roots three generations back in a family barbecue joint in the first Capital of the Republic of Texas, West Columbia. Today, this tasty barbecue sauce has been born again. A tad sweet with just the right heat, this sauce is True Texas Americana.
    Johnny, the great-grandson, has taken a delicious old-school recipe built on his great-grandfather's (Frank C. Massey) barbecue legacy and added a little of his love, then named the barbecue sauce TUBBE'S in honor of his grandmother's maiden name. We even put the sauce in a Mason Jar like the old days. This sauce is lip-smacking, bonafide, Texas delicious.
    In Central Texas, salt & pepper reign king, and when we pull the low & slow off the smoker, Pitmasters in Texas will tell y'all, "No Sauce Needed." But we beg to differ.
    Whether you all like to dip it on the side or slap the sauce all over, we're here to tell TUBBE'S BAR-B-Q SAUCE makes Brisket, Ribs, Chicken, and Fish heavenly. This barbecue sauce compliments any meat. And don't forget one of our awesome favorites 'The Barbecue Chicken Pizza,' with Jalapeños. Yum, Yum, and Yummy.
    'So Good Y'all Eat It By The Spoonful'


    It takes time and passion to make TUBBE'S BAR-B-Q SAUCE this good. What have Michelin Three-Star Chefs known for eons? There is 'No Compromise!' At TUBBE'S BAR-B-Q LLC., we pride ourselves on 'No Compromise!' Our sauce is slow-simmered for 4 hours using fresh vegetables and a mix of the best spices money can buy.
    Yes, this sauce is a long process to make. But our labor of love results in a bonafide premium barbecue sauce that will make your taste buds yell happy. The sauce is a tad sweet with just the right heat, and its savory flavor compliments all smoked meats. There is 'No Compromise' in our barbecue sauce.
    'One Sauce For All Barbecue'

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    Does your barbecue sauce contain anything I might be allergic to?

    Please understand TUBBE'S BAR-B-Q LLC has no way of knowing each Customer's allergens.

    It is the absolute responsibility of each Customer to read and understand the Ingredients Label and Nutrition Facts.

    After testing, TUBBE'S BAR-B-Q SAUCE, does contain the follow.

    CONTAINS: Milk, Egg, Wheat, Soy, Anchovies.

    If you have an allergic sensitivity to Milk, Egg, Wheat, Soy, Anchovies, or any other Ingredient on the Ingredients Label. Do NOT Consume TUBBE'S BAR-B-Q SAUCE.

    Please see Ingredients List on Bottle and Website.

    How did you come up with the name for the barbecue sauce?

    Many people are curious about the story behind TUBBE'S BAR-B-Q SAUCE LLC. The sauce is named after Johnny's grandmother's maiden name, a decision he and his wife, Mary, made. This choice sparked the creation of the company. Do you want to learn more about this topic?

    How much of TUBBE'S Sauce should I use on my Saint Louis cut of Ribs?

    The answer to that question is purely subjective to your taste buds.

    When it's 'Saint Louis Backyard Rib Day' at the house, we usually smoke two racks of ribs. One slab of ribs (No Sauce), just a rub, and the second slab of ribs smoothed with (7oz.) of TUBBE'S BAR-B-Q Sauce.

    What meats does TUBBE'S pair with?

    All meats, Beef, Pork, Chicken, Fish, Wild Game, and it makes an excellent BBQ Chicken Jalapeno Pizza.

    Do you make your BAR-B-Q Sauce with High Fructose Corn Syrup?

    TUBBE'S BAR-B-Q SAUCE does not use High Fructose Corn in our recip—however, some ingredients used from other consumable products do have traces of High Fructose Corn.

    But not even Chef Ramsay could taste High Fructose Corn Syrup in our sauce ; )

    Should the BAR-B-Q Sauce be refrigerated after opening?

    Yes, we do recommend refrigerating TUBBE'S Sauce after opening and shake well before each use.

    How long is the shelf-life for TUBBE'S BAR-B-Q Sauce?

    Our sauce has a shelf life of one year (12 months, 365 days) unopened.

    Our sauce has a high apple cider vinegar and tomato base content that is a natural preservative. Our sauce has classification of (Acid with pH: 3.72).

    After opening the bottle of BAR-B-Q Sauce how long does the sauce last?

    After opening the BAR-B-Q Sauce we recommend storing the sauce in the refrigerator and use by the Best Used Before Date.

    Is TUBBE'S BAR-B-Q Sauce - Vegan or Kosher or Halal?

    TUBBE'S BAR-B-Q SAUCE contains no meat. But the sauce does have rendered 'Apple Wood Smoked Bacon Fat' for flavor.

    The Barbecue Sauce is not certified Kosher or Halal.

    If a Vegan or person considers rendered 'Apple Wood Smoked Bacon Fat' does not meet their standard for consumption. They should not buy or consume TUBBE'S BAR-B-Q Sauce.

    With that said, TUBBE'S Barbecue Sauce is so good, it'll make vegans eat a whole brisket in one sitting ; )

    Is your BAR-B-Q Sauce gluten free?

    TUBBE'S BAR-B-Q SAUCE does not use gluten in our recipe—however, some ingredients used from other consumable products do have traces of gluten.

    Does TUBBE'S have any ingredients that might be a sensitivity or allergen?

    Yes, our sauce recipe does use mayonnaise which mayonnaise is normally made with eggs and other ingredients.

    We recommend if (You) or (Family) or (Friends) have a known (allergen) or (sensitivity). Read TUBBE'S BAR-B-Q Sauce Ingredients List on the bottle before buying or serving for consumption.

    You can also find our Nutrition Label with our Ingredients List posted on this website.

    Our (Ingredients List) on the bottle and on our website affirms the ingredients in our sauce recipe. There is no hidden ingredients under the words (spices) or (natural flavors).

    Do you accept returns on your Bar-B-Q Sauce?

    Please see Return Policy